Li Mei becomes Onaga's queen

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Li Mei had betrayed her allies and allowed Onaga to merge the kamidoku. He won. He got incredibly more powerful. He merged the realms. He became the ruler of the realm and decided to make Li Mei his queen for her essential service. Without her help he would not have won. He made her immortal and super powerful. The two ruled the One realm together.

In the Royal bedroom. The dragon king marched in to find his beautiful wife waiting for him. He approached from the back. She was facing the window looking out yo her perfect realm. "I need you NOW My Queen!" he stated firmly as he leaned down on her back and began kissing her neck."Yes, I want you too My king take me" she begged on the last part making him lose it. He wrapped his arms around her stomach, picked her up, and carried her to the glass window that was behind them. Once there he planted her on her feet right in front of the window, grabbed her blouse from the center and ripped it open, exposing her bare double-D cup breast to the city below, and finally he removed his clothes and brought out his cock from the crotch area and pressed it against her pussy. His cock started sliding up and down in between her pussy lips as he started humping her from behind, but after a few seconds he grabbed his cock and aimed it directly into her glistening hole. When he poked her there she gasped "Oh God! Yes right there my lord, please fuck me and give me the honour to give birth to our children" she said with her voice filled with complete arousal. So, ever so slowly he began to push and penetrate her vagina. Every inch that he inserted inside her elicited a sexy moan from her and a hiss of both pleasure and pain from Onaga who was greatly enjoying the super hot and extremely tight feeling his large dick was receiving from her . When he was finally all the way inside her ,She bent over a little with her hands on the window moaning in pleasure, for his part, he was standing still just relishing the fantastic feeling that his cock was feeling. Feeling his giant cock going inside her made her go crazy with lust and so, only after a few slow strokes, she demanded Onaga to pound her to submission. So now having Li Mei's permission to completely destroy her lovebox was something Onaga just couldn't resist, so he gripped her hips, and then started to increase his thrusting speed until all that was heard was her screams and a loud clapping sound as his pelvis smacked against her ass over and over again.

Onaga was having one hell of a time, every time he would thrust back inside her ass it would tighten really hard around his cock making him groan with pleasure. After a few more minutes of ramming into her, Li Mei stated that she was about to climax "I'M GUNNA CUM KING! I'M GUNNA CUM ALL OVER OUR FLOOR!".

By now even he was feeling the need to release, so he scooted a little closer to her, gripped her hips more tightly, and then began ramming his cock inside of her using all his force. He was going so fast and hard that she was being pressed against his body and the glass window, which meant that her tits were squished against the glass and her face was pressed sideways against it. However, for some reason Li Mei found it extremely hot to be in that position because as soon as he had her like that she exploded and squirted her juices all over his dick which later tricked on the floor.

"I'M CUMMIINNNGGGG!" she had screamed as her body shook from having such an intense orgasm. "Here it comes, my queen!" he growled out as he jammed his cock as deep as he could inside her ass, making her scream and cry with tears of joy, and start cumming soon after. He painted her insides white with his seed; Li Mei moaned softly as she felt his cum splash around her insides, it was such a great feeling she felt like she was floating. That blew her mind so much that she had a mini orgasm on the spot.

After about 2 minutes they finally separated from each other and just as all the cum that Onaga had deposited inside Li Mei's ass was about to leak out she placed her hand on her crotch and plugged it with her fingers. "I won't let even a drop slip." she exclaimed. Onaga was extremely happy to see this. He grabbed and hugged her tightly. Then the two retired to their bed. EdiTheMad-44936-The_Dragon_King_and_his_queen_color.jpg

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