Kiss the hot woman.

From Create Your Own Story

Just seeing the woman on the floor has made your panties soaked. You walk over to the curvy woman and kiss her. You shove your tongue down your drunk throat while you stick a hand in her thong. You start rubbing her clit roughly as she regains consciousness. She opens her eyes to meet yours. She begins to protest but stops when you slip a finger in her went cunt. She moans before she starts stripping you. She rips your shirt into two and then slides your skirt down. "You naughty girl," she says when she sees your soaked thong. She pulls them down too and spanks your tight ass. Some men whistle at the sight of two sexy girls dyking it out. They surround the both of you, begging for more. The woman removes both of your bras and her panties. You push her down onto a couch once she's done stripping and get down to business. You kiss her roughly as you both open your mouths and invade each other with your tongues. You spread her legs wide and play with her love button to the guys' delighty. You place your pussy on her long slender leg and start humping it roughly as if it was a dick. You rub your clit on her thigh while you fist her wet twat. She screams when you hit her G-spot. Her legs shake and she soaks your fingers as well as the couch. You hump her harder until you reach climax, causing your nectar to go down your inner thigh and her's. The guy's all hoot and cheer when you pull your fingers out of her cunt and suck them like a dick. Mmmmmm...

Health Horny Equipment:


MP #
Level #1
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