Katarina's Adventures

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The autumn sun shines down on your North Carolina mansion. You smile as you look out the living room window at the green fields and the trees with their colorful leaves. Your mind drifts to how you got here...

Your name is Katarina Hart. You grew up in suburban Charlotte, the only child of middle-class parents. Smart, athletic, ambitious, and pushed hard by your mother and father as well as yourself, you were the classic stereotypical overachiever in high school and college, excelling in soccer, dance, and gymnastics as well as academics. After getting your master's degree, you were hired by one of the large corporations downtown for a position in sales. With your intelligence, charm, and drive, as well as your stunning looks and willingness to use them to your advantage, you posted impressive numbers and quickly rose through the ranks, gaining your first promotion after only a year and becoming a senior vice president by the age of 32.

On a warm and beautiful afternoon, a couple of years after your latest promotion, you had your epiphany. You were in your large corner office on the 24th floor, gazing out the window, when you realized how you had never really taken the time just to enjoy the view from up here. You thought about how you had once again had to decline an invitation from your friends to go out to the sports bar because you had to work late. Again.

"Why am I doing this?" you had suddenly asked yourself. You had never liked this job. You were sacrificing your social life, your free time, your happiness for what? Money? You had already made enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life. To prove to yourself that you could be a success? You had already proven it, many times over.

As you took in the simple pleasure of just enjoying the view out the window for the first time, everything suddenly seemed to click into place. It was as if a veil had been lifted from your eyes. Ego-satisfying and ladder-climbing suddenly seemed so unimportant. You quit your job that very day. You moved away from the shadow of the skyscrapers of downtown Charlotte and bought a large house in a rural area about thirty miles outside of town.

Then came the decision of what to do with the rest of your life. You didn't want a nine-to-five (or nine-to-eight or nine or ten, as was the case much of the time) job, but you didn't want to lay around and rot either. The solution came quickly. Ever since you were a little girl, you had been fascinated by action, adventure, monsters, and the supernatural. Novels and video games alike inspired your imagination. Now, you were in a financial position to do more than just imagine.

You were also in a physical position to do more than just imagine. You look at yourself in the mirror.

Your low-cut white pants and partially unbuttoned white blouse, contrasting nicely with your darkly tanned skin, show off a muscular but feminine figure. 140 pounds, nearly six feet, your firm C-cup breasts able to go braless without trouble and your hard, six-pack abs showing themselves in the gap between pants and blouse. The sleeves of your blouse are rolled up to display your muscular forearms and your long, silky, jet-black hair is in an elegant coiffure. A thin silver chain around your neck and black leather bracelets on each wrist complete your outfit.

You perform a twirl, a appreciative smile appearing on your high-cheekboned face as you observe your round, heavily muscled dancer's ass in the mirror. With your 26-inch waist and 37-inch hips, it's just the right size.

You raise your arms in the air, your bracelets not sliding down thanks to your thick wrists, then execute a series of half a dozen standing back handsprings in a row over to your favorite chair. Mid-thirties and can still flip like nobody's business.

With your strength and athleticism, combined with your extensive training in firearms, archery, swordsmanship, and hand-to-hand combat, you feel ready to take on whatever dangers might come your way. You feel ready for a much greater challenge than climbing the ladder in corporate America.

Opening your laptop, you click the shortcut to your favorite website, Wired & Weird.

A headline catches your attention. It reads:

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All the things in your comfortable North Carolina home.

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