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Unable to sleep, you go for a walk. It is midnight, or close to it, and the camp is dark, with only a few feeble lamps over the doors of your cabins providing any light.

Without paying attention to where you are going, you walk away from the cabins and down a trail that leads to a small pond. Coming out on the small flat sandy area at the end of the trail, you stand and look out over the water. Then you hear someone coming down the trail. You duck into the shelter of the trees and watch, unobserved, as Jackie walks onto the end of the trail.

You wouldn't mind getting to know Jackie better, but aren't certain she feels the same way about you. You don't think about that now, however. Instead, you simply stand still and admire Jackie as she stands at the edge of the pond, twirling her toes in the water and looking out over the surface of the pond, in much the same way you did just before she got there. You wonder if she is thinking the same thing you were when you did the same.

Then you stop thinking for a while, and simply admire Jackie's body. She's reasonably tall, and nicely voluptuous, with long, silky blonde hair that she likes to wear loose down her back, blue eyes, thick eyelashes, and full red lips with a very slight pout. Her boobs are large and firm and full, her butt high and tight, and her legs are smooth and sleek, toned by years of cheer-leading. She is wearing only a filmy and rather flimsy pink baby-doll nightie that hugs her body in a most appealing way, and is barely long enough to cover the swell of her plump round ass.

As you watch, Jackie takes off her nightie. She hangs it on a branch next to her. She then takes off the pink thong that is part of the nightie, and hangs that on the same branch. As she strips, you admire the way the moonlight plays across her strong back and her round buttocks.

Jackie steps into the water, walking forward until she is submerged to her chest. She then kicks off with her feet, and starts swimming and splashing across the pond. You continue watching, amazed at the opportunity you have just been given.

Do you:

Slasher's Body Count:
Live:You (a guy who likes girls), Nikki, Tomas, Andrew, Chris, Jackie
Dead:No one... yet
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