Hyde Road - Room 102

From Create Your Own Story

Honestly you have no idea where these feelings are coming from, but you know why you are here. You have an itch to scratch and that doesn't need to be someone special.

You see Jack smiling at you as you turn around and make your way into the reception area. The decor in this room is uninspiring, and doesn't look to have been attended to in many a year. There is some background music which fits perfectly with the rest of place, across the room you can see small glass window with a woman sitting behind. You approach and she looks up at you. The years have not been kind to her. She greets you with broad smile across her leathery face. "Good evening, lovey." she says revealing cigarette stained teeth, you try no to focus on her features as you respond with a nod.

"What can I do for you?" She picks up a cigarette that is burning in an ashtray beside her and takes a drag from it. She looks at you wryly as she slowly blows out the smoke she had just inhaled.

"I'd like to book room 102."

Again she smiles as she stubs her cigarette into the overflowing ashtray. She picks up a pen and scrawls an amount onto some paper before holding the paper up against the glass. "Cash up front, hon." She croaks, her smile still there.

You pull out your wallet and produce the cash, sliding it under a slit at the bottom of the window. She picks up the money and takes her time counting it before depositing it in a cash register. Then she turns around and scrutinizes the keys hanging on the wall. Finally she selects one. She tosses the key into a box for you to collect. "I hope you enjoy you stay, lovey." Her disconcerting smile still bothering you somewhat. "The room is round the back." She winks at you this time. You don't respond but simply pick up the key and leave. When you exit the building the pimp is now standing on his own, a cigarette hanging limply from his mouth as he watches the snow. He doesn't pay you any attention. The woman in the green jacket has left. Jack is leaning against a wall with a smug look on his face. You push your hands deep into your pockets, the room key firmly gripped within then and make your way down the walkway.

There is a double story block of rooms over looking the parking area but there is a small corridor that leads behind the main building. The wind howls as you enter a courtyard, there are more rooms back here. It doesn't take long for you to find yours. Opening the door a wave of warm air hits you and you step inside.

The first thing to catch your attention as you enter is the woman from the petrol station, who is perched on a bench at the end of the bed with one leg crossed over the other, looking intently at you. Her bolero has been draped over the side of the bench and the chemise she is wearing is mostly transparent, she is not wearing a bra, and you can clearly see her perky breasts through it. Your eyes settle on the dark areolas around her nipples which are standing up, you contemplate her arousal, which only serves to elevate your own. The light in the room is fairly dim and the flickering light coming from a fireplace enhances her features. You push the door closed behind you.

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