Hyde Road - Reverse the car

From Create Your Own Story

Putting the car into reverse, you are not sure on this plan but you can't be stuck out here on the mountain side all night in this weather. Feeling overwhelmed and more than a little desperate, you rev the engine up quite a bit an drop the clutch. The car pulls backwards suddenly coming free of the barrier, but you can't control it. It swings around backwards spinning down the road. You take you foot off the accelerator, but car is sliding down the hill. You try to break, but the car doesn't respond. You can hear a terrible scraping sound as is slides, as the car turns around you see the road in front of you again, your lights illuminating the cliff face in front of you as the road curves. You pump the break, nothing. The car is not moving particularly fast but there is nothing you can do as bonnet collides with the rocks, you hear a bang and your front head lamps go out. The car comes to a rest, windscreen wipers whipping back and forth in the darkness.

You are trembling behind your steering wheel, frozen from shock. After a few minutes you reach down under you seat for your bag, your phone is in there. With your head down, you only partially see a bright light before you are hit by car, it catches you completely by surprise, there is a deafening bang and your head connects with the steering wheel. You pass out.


You start to come around, after a few seconds you start to register a throbbing headache, and pain. You aren't sure exactly what pain it's more of a general thing. You open you eyes you are still inside your car, it's hard to figure out exactly how but after orientating yourself you figure out the car must be on it's side. Your ears are ringing, you blink a few times trying to focus, then you hear the voice of a person outside the car, it is deep and sounds male. You concentrate and listen over tinnitus noise in your head, you make it out, asking if you can hear them, are you alright. Trying to take in your surroundings, you think you are lying against the car door, your safety belt still attached, it's pretty dark and you can't see anything outside of the windscreen. The calling outside the car stops, your head is still spinning when you feel the car start to move, you close your eyes feeling sick. The cars starts to tip over, you probably should say something you think to yourself, should you not be more scared?" Everything is just so hard to make out. You pass out again.


You can still feel the pain, but you feel like you are moving. You open your eyes, it is dark, but you can see someone is carrying you, it's definitely a man his arms feel strong, and warm. You think about saying something, but you can't remember. So much pain, you feel a warm tear run down your cheek. You should get up you think, again you find yourself struggling to decide. It's almost an out of body experience, you can see yourself being carried up a steep hill in the snow, there are trees all around and it's so dark. The man carrying you is breathing heavily but seems determined and purposeful. Your head is really very sore and you can't anymore, you close your eyes.


You wake up with a start, sitting up. You look around, you are in bed, it's your bed, or no, it isn't, you aren't actually sure. You really should know, but you don't. You think you have a hang over, your head hurts a bit. You are in a room, a comfortable room. It's a double bed, oak with four posts. Heavy cerulean drapes over the windows, dark stained window frames, a large cornice. Your eyes move around the room there is teal coat hanging over a chair in front of a dressing table. Its yours, you think, not knowing really bothers you. An oak wardrobe is against the wall and there is a heavy ornate timber entrance door. The wallpaper is a striped duck egg blue, and white. You know all that, but this room is unfamiliar but again you aren't sure. You try to remember when you went to bed, but can't. You think some more, you definitely don't remember going to bed. In fact you don't remember what you did yesterday at all, none of this is making any sense. You lift up your hands and look at them, five fingers on each hand. You mentally begin counting, what day is it today, could it be a weekend, why has your alarm not woken you up.

You put you hand to your head, it feels tender, this isn't a regular hangover, it feels bruised and as you sit there you become aware that your generally feel rather battered, had you been out drinking? Fallen maybe? You are wearing cloths, which is odd, a white blouse, grey skirt and stockings, work cloths you think. Are you away on business, you were working on a story, it doesn't seem to all add up. You close your eyes trying to remember, everything is a jumble. You must have some kind of retrograde amnesia.

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