Hyde Road - Get closer to the handsome stranger

From Create Your Own Story

You aren't entirely sure why you feel so compelled, but you really feel you need to know more about this man. You cross the lobby getting closer to the desk as the conversation between to two men continues. You over hear the end of the conversation. "Your key, sir. Top floor, forth door on your right." The key card is passed across the counter. There is an offer to take the gentleman's bag up to his room, but he declines. As the conversation ends you feel a flutter as your heart races. He turns around, a power urge surges through you, an attraction that you haven't before felt, and your mind is racing. Somehow this a moment you don't feel you should let slip away.

It isn't like you to be so forward, to be fair, you have never had to be. Normally it's the men who make the first move. You feel excited thinking about it. He's turning toward the lobby elevators, you could make something of it now. You are a bit torn, the reception is so open and public and rejection in full view of others unnerves you, even if the audience are only employees of the hotel. You did hear which room he was staying in perhaps you could proposition him a little more privately.

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