Hunting again for Red October

From Create Your Own Story

The year is 1984. You have just been hired as an agent for the CIA. You have an honorary degree in Russian Studies from the University of Cambridge. Life is good right now. You spend your days in London studying intelligence from Russia to report back to the CIA. Meanwhile, you enjoy the days with afternoon tea, doubledecker bus rides and evenings in the pub. You recently met an English lady whom you have started dating. She happens to fancy teddy bears a lot, including Stanley, a relic from her childhood.

The work for the CIA is great. It is relaxing and most of the hard part is taken care of by your colleagues in London. The focus of the hour is on the Russian Navy, with the CIA taking a constant monitoring of the Soviet fleet and their developments. You have read much on the Russian Navy, as much as you can handle. The sea brings you a calm from your days in Maine, where you fished with your grandfather many years ago.

NOTE: Much of the plot and settings, characters etc. are from Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October novel.

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