His place.

From Create Your Own Story

"Yours," you say, pushing your boobs out toward him and arching your back. His eyes lock on your tits and he can't help himself. Bending down the man sucks on one of your tits while he fumbles with his keys. It takes his shaking hands a minute but he gets the door unlocked and you follow him inside. Like you, he can't bear to wait any longer. Before the door has even swung closed, the man is pushing you against the wall roughly, kissing your lips and massaging your breasts with his hands. You moan and kiss him back, your hands working quickly to relieve him of his jacket and unbutton his shirt. As soon as they hit the floor he starts undoing his belt and you grab his bugle, guiding him backwards into the next room without breaking your kiss.

Health Horny Equipment:

Your Apartment

MP #
Level #1
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