Hero for Hire

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You are a hero that anyone can hire. You tend to do things that will get you paid more, but sometimes you must settle. Yet, as you sit in your room at the inn, reading the Hero's Spellbook, you hear a knock. Getting up, you open the door and see a young man with a letter. "Hello, sir," he says. "This letter here is for you to keep. Read it, sir, as it's from someone who claims to be a 'client,' whatever that means." After handing you the letter, the messenger walks off. You sit back down and read about someone who has trouble with demons in his house. He offers to pay 1,000 Copper. So, you can't refuse this!

Taking your equipment, you run to the house. It's actually a mansion, but a priest stands a while ahead of it. "Hello, sir. I presume you read my letter of the demons. You see, they have been invading the mansion, where me and my brothers and sisters live, in order to practice the holy spirit. Before you enter, take this." The priest hands you a black book. You open it up, and see that it's entitled the Dark Book of Demons.

There's nothing to do but [[Go inside the priest's mansion.

Health 100 Equipment:

Dark Book of Demons, Hero's Spellbook, Hero's Sword

MP 50
Level 1
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