Grab your lemon-flavored lube from the nightstand.

From Create Your Own Story

You stand up to go get the lubricant when you start falling through the floor. "What the..." you think as you fall. You land in a completely new world. Your on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean. Your wearing lace stockings that match the lacey thong your wearing underneath a dress that looks like Elizabeth Swann would wear. The dress shows off a massive amount of cleavage that would make any guy stop and drool. You look around the ship to see shirtless men with guns and swords walking around the ship. "Miss Robin," a sexy voice whispers in your ear. You gasp as muscular, tanned arms wrap around your little waist. "It's Captain Will," he says in response to your gasp. He nibbles on your ear sudectively. He starts to kiss your collarbone, leaving a trail of kisses all the way up to your chin. He turns suddenly turns you around so you can see his dirty blond hair, sea green eyes, and toned body. He plants his lips roughly on yours. You respond by tangling your fingers through his sandy hair while he shoves his tongue down your throat. He moves his left arm off of your flat tummy and towards your chest. He squeezes both tits roughly. You moan in his mouth, wondering if you gave him a boner. You decide to find out by running your hand down until you feel a large bulge coming from his pants. You squeeze it lightly, causing him to grunt. He picks you up and breaks your kiss. "Let's take this somewhere else, love," he says. He carries to a room with a huge bed and chair.

What do you do:

Health Horny Equipment:

Pirate Ship

MP #
Level #1
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