God Of War III

From Create Your Own Story

You are now going to follow the legendary God of War , Kratos. You are on your path to complete your conquest. Well you need the help of Hephaestus to fix a brodge to complete your journey and find Pandora. You find yourself in Aphrodite's chambers. Aphrodite is in her large bed, with two handmaidens, but when she sees you, she tells them to leave. She attempts to seduce you, telling you, "Even though you are no longer the God of War, you can still share my bed." But you are not amused. Annoyed, she reveals how she yearns for a "real man" to meet her, but since Zeus refuses to let the imprisoned Daedalus finish the bridge, she has not had her wish granted and she expresses how much she dislikes Hephaestus. That's when she realizes that you needs those bridges fixed and tells you that she might give him information only if you please her.

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