Get that dick in your box.

From Create Your Own Story

You smile sweetly and push him onto the ground.

"Tell me, Stephen," you purr in his ear, "why were you jacking off in my closet?"

He just stares at your naked body. "I, uh, I," he gawks.

You giggle a little bit before straddling him. "Looks like someone's dreams are going to a reality," you whisper.

You lift your cute butt off of him a little bit while stroking his fully-erect cock. You run your fingers gently along the underside of his dick, causing him to shiver.

"Oh, baby," he moans. "Please, stop teasing."

"My pleasure."

You spread your vaginal lips a little bit and put the tip of his head in your box. You groan a little bit before slowly putting your ass back onto his hips. You squeeze your vaginal muscles a little bit, massasing his big, fat sausage. You lift your ass again, then slam right back down. He grunts a little bit as you feel his dick growing even more. You wink at him. You immediately increase the pace, panting as you hold his dick and release it.

"Oh, oh fuck, just keep on doing that babe," Stephen groans.

"Okay...then," you say inbetween pants. He lifts his butt off the ground, matching your thrusts and spearing your insides.

Stephen pants loudly, sweat going down his face. "Oh man, you feel amazing," he shouts. "I can't believe I didn't do you right when I saw you."

You can feel a tingling sensation as your short of breath. Your back arches a little bit as you climax violently. "Oh Stephen!" you scream as you thrash around. Your pussy clamps onto his meat stick as honey out.

Your vagina spasming is to much for his balls. "Oh fuck," he mumbles before shooting loads of cum into your womb. You collapse onto the floor. Stephen rests a head on your tits, squeezing them a little bit.

Health Horny Equipment:

Your Apartment

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Level #1
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