Earth - A New Day

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When the first aurora of dawn lit the eastern sky, the floodlights of Celestial Command were switched off. The ship sitting on landing platform "A" was no longer bathed in the harsh, artificial illumination of man-made lighting, but was instead gently washed by the soft pink hues of the rising sun. Soon the craft's shiny achillium hull would sparkle and gleam from the direct rays of the star that Earth orbited, but for now the curves of the saucer-shaped ship had the warmth of soft pastels.

The ship had completed a six-week overhaul a fortnight ago while the crew was on a well-deserved two month leave, and for the past fourteen days the only person onboard was a sentry who hourly left the guard-shack a few yards away and made a brief visual tour of the vessel.

That would all be changing shortly, for the Captain and his people were due to report back the next day.

So the cruiser that had traveled to many distant stars in the past and would do so again in the near future, stood idle. Inert. Patiently awaiting the return of the humans that would once more infuse life into it, and change it from a collection of sophisticated machinery and circuits into a vibrant, living thing. Capable of making journeys that were previously only dreamt about.

(Screen Cap of the Ship) [1]

Earth - Commander Richard Smith

Earth - Lieutenant Michael Faraday.

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