Dirty Me/You still want more

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You think about it. This has been a deliciously exciting night, but you don't want to come this far without going until you can't anymore. You shake your head no.

"Is something wrong?"

Well, obviously, this does not work so well. After all, how can you get someone to understand that you want him to use lube without being able to speak, let alone move, and show him you are not lubricated enough for someone to pound you? Finally understanding that there is no way you can tell him, he removes the gag from your mouth.

All that comes out of your mouth at first is a long moan, followed by some heavy panting.


Finally understanding, he puts the gag back in your mouth and the headphones back over your ears.

You are left standing there for a few more minutes before hands again appear on your body. There has to be at least two people, because there are 4 hands, touching you everywhere. Fondling your nipples, grabbing your ass, trying to worm their way into your pussy. The hand trying to access your pussy stops, and the shower is turned back on.

This time, they give you a real shower, running a lathered up washcloth over me, making sure to pay extra special attention to your pussy, breasts and ass. They bend you over, pull the beads out of your ass, then sit you down on the toilet.

Your body is on overdrive by now, so I don't feel like you need to go. You especially don't want to do so if people are watching me, and everyone could be watching you from outside the bathroom for all you know. You sit there for a couple minutes, and then the realization that you did need to go, both sides, hits you. You are suddenly nervous again. You have never went to the bathroom with a man inside with you, well, not to actually pee and poo, and you don't want to do it.

You focus on relaxing, of trying to think of the bathroom as empty, and are finally able to relieve yourself.

After that, you find yourself back in the bathtub, getting a second shower. This time, your pussy is only washed, not overly fondled. A little play with the lips, a couple swipes at your clit, but that is all.

They towel you off, then bring you somewhere else. The next time you stop, you are being laid down on the bed. They flip you over so you are on your stomach, then the anal beads are put back in, one by one, until your rectum is filled again.

You are placed so your legs are bent over the edge, your face laying against the blanket.

Someone gets onto the bed and lays down just above your head. He starts running his fingers through your hair and occasionally caressing your face, your lips, your forehead, your shoulders. The others decide it is time for a train.

This time, four guys take you. Each one is pretty standard, pump and dump. Two cums in your pussy, one cums on your stomach, and the third cums on your face.

It suddenly gets a little strange. The ankle cuffs are taken off, and you start wondering if you are done. You would not mind; your pussy is getting very sore by now. Oddly though, goggles, headphones, and handcuffs are not being taken off. What is going on?

You are pulled further up the bed until your head is resting on a pillow. Your legs are pulled apart slightly and someone starts massaging your inner thighs. They scream out in protest, sore from all the activity you have had tonight and the fact they have been forced to stay spread open all night.

His hands, at least you assume a him, since the hands are bigger, knead the stiff, sore muscles for a little bit, until they start to relax. Then, your legs are pulled further apart, and you feel hair against your thighs.

A nose is pushed into your pussy, and you can feel his panting as he licks the bottom of your slit. Oh my, this person seems to like smelling you. He continues for a few minutes before parting your lips with his fingers, then running his tongue up and down you, finding its way to your clit, which he starts sucking and nibbling on.

Meanwhile, you can feel the bed shift ever so slightly to the right, then to the left, as two more people sit down to either side of you. Their hands start roaming all over you, touching your neck, shoulders, stomach, breasts, even the outside of your thigh, close to where, even now, someone is working over your pussy.

The person to the left places your nipple in their mouth. Their skin is smooth, so either they have shaven recently or it is a girl.

The other is teasing your nipple in his hand while kissing your face and neck, then shifting to kiss your breasts and stomach.

Eventually, between your clit being stimulated, your left nipple being sucked and teased, and your right nipple and breast being teased and kissed all over, you climax yet again.

With that, the two people on the sides leave the bed and the one between your legs moves his body up, his weight pressing down on your legs and pubis.

He pushes his penis inside you slowly, carefully, and proceeded to make love to you, gently, kissing and licking and touching and fondling.

He thrusts faster and faster until, right before cumming, pulls out and shoots all over your breasts.

The next settles between your legs, but, more like a normal boyfriend, husband, finishes himself much faster. He also plays with your breasts, cupping them, catching your nipples between his fingers. He pushes one final time, then cums inside you.

The last one pushes your legs up, as if he wants your legs behind your ears. Your legs groan in pain at the position and you shake your head no once. He lowers your legs down, and instead turns you onto your side. He pushes his penis into your pussy, while reaching over to run his hands all over your breasts, until he, too, finishes in a short time, pulling out and cumming on your back and side.

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