Dirty Me/Wear nothing underneath

From Create Your Own Story

You decide that since you are adult, in an adult store, with a dress you bought from this very store, that this is probably the best "public" place to wear something like this without someone calling the police. Victoria's Secret definitely wouldn't let you.

Tou slip off your clothes again, putting them in a neat pile, and slip on the dress, followed by your sneakers.

Gathering up the bundle of clothes, you carry it out under your arm. As you leave the changing booth, the cashier finally seems to notice what is around him. His eyes glue themselves to you, bulging. He looks like he wants to speak, yet doesn't seem to be able to.

"I will be right back. I just want to put these in my car," you tell him, showing him your clothes, bundled up under your arm. "Nothing against you, but I don't trust leaving them laying here in the store."

You go to the car, noticing another car drive up. You sit there, trying to hide, as the other person gets out and goes in. You wonder if this is a bad idea. After all, you will be in a room with three men who are right now watching porn videos, and showing all of your naughty parts.

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