Dirty Me/Watch the man longer

From Create Your Own Story

The idea of watching these screens doesn't overly appeal to you, but you do wonder how far the guy rubbing himself will go.

You watch him as his concentration is glued to the little view screen. You move a little closer, watching him intently. He looks like he might have been okay looking when he was younger, but a hard life has taken its tole on him. His big hands, still running his penis through his jeans, are big, but very calloused, probably from hard use at manual labor.

While his one hand continues deftly picking quarters out of his front shirt pocket, his other works its way into his pants.

You watch in both fascination and horror as you realize he has stuffed his hand down his pants and is stroking himself.

Doing that...here...in public. In front of me... you think to yourself.

Looking down at the bulge in his pants, you see it has gotten bigger, no longer just his hard penis, but also his hand, wrapping around his penis, stroking himself.

His hips give the occasional thrust, probably imagining himself in the video playing before his eyes.

Although you yourself have made love in front of others, or let others see your partially naked or even completely naked body, and although you have masturbated in front of others, for some reason you find yourself a bit repulsed by this, but also aroused. I am such a hypocrite you think to yourself. Still, I am getting turned on watching him.

You have never really found yourself as interested in watching as participating. After all, no one pays attention when you are just watching. Given this, you wonder if you should participate, or keep to yourself and just watch.

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