Dirty Me/Try to seduce him

From Create Your Own Story

While you may not be wearing anything too sexy, like your midriff top and your BUNNY NOO Circle skirt, you have faith that you can still seduce him. You are wearing your black, button up babydoll blouse and jeans.

"I am worried about you. You have improved since you have came to our school, but it seems like you are sliding backwards." He states. "I have kept an eye on you."

Your heart skips a beat on that, hopeful that it means he likes you.

"When you try, you do very good. You are very intelligent. I have seen some of the aptitude test results, and you do great at them. I know something is wrong, and I have talked to your parents, but they don't know why you behave like this. I don't know. The school counselor doesn't know. You won't talk to anyone about your problems, but instead try to hide."

He steps closer to you, taking your hand in his while looking into your eyes. Your heart feels like it might explode, it feels like it is beating so fast. Your breath quickens as you realize that it will work, he likes you, and you need to make the first move.

"Talk to me. Tell me what is wrong. We know you are a good person, so why is it that you do bad things?" He lets go of your hand, and you find yourself thinking of a couple options to try to seduce him.

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