Dirty Me/Try again

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You have almost given up hope of someone on the other side of the wall until one day, you decide to take a different course of action.

At night, many beggars will sleep in the parks. Sometimes they are used by prostitutes, and sometimes people will even try to use the restrooms to cook meth. This is why most of them lock the bathrooms down at night, to prevent this type of activity. However, the park you selected was not locked down at night.

You "borrow" your dad's handgun and go to the park. Sitting in your car, parked along the street near the restroom, you watch to see if anyone comes in or goes out. You watch for scary individuals. A couple times you almost completely lose your nerve, but since it seem that, much like how the "active glory hole" is over-hyped, so too is the nighttime park activities. That helps calm you down and think about why you are here.

You do see someone sleeping on one of the benches, but he, or she, does not seem to be moving, so you assume they have either passed out, or are asleep. Who knows, you aren't going over to check.

Trying to overcome your fear and build up your courage, you remove your panties from under your skirt, put them in your purse, then get out of your car and go to sit at one of the tables. You flush slightly as you part your legs and hike up your skirt so that any passerby can see your pussy. It is intoxicating at first, but since it is late at night, no one ever got to take a peek at your naughties. You play with yourself a little bit, helping to push down the fear and increase your lust, under the trees and softly glowing streetlights that do not completely illuminate you.

Finally you see a man go into the bathroom. He seems a bit unsteady. Assuming he is drunk, or a homeless park dweller, your fear rose again and you almost chicken out. You stand up, pat your purse to remind yourself that you can take care of yourself, and then walk over to the restroom on legs that feel more like water than flesh, blood and bones.

You stick your head in to see if he is in a stall or at one of the urinals. You can see the top of his head over the second stall, with the sound of a steady stream of pee coming from him. So, drunk or homeless? Does it matter? What is the purpose of a glory hole if not to be anonymous?

The smell, as normal, is a little overwhelming, but by now instead of being disgusted by it, you are turned on by it. However, there is a ranker odor than normal. Perhaps the other guy is homeless and had not bathed for a while. You again almost lose your nerve then and there, but push yourself to move on since you are, after all, already in the men's bathroom and so desperate to try this, at least once.

You quietly open the first stall door and slip inside. You had read that you were suppose to stick your finger through the hole and wiggle to signal that you were ready to engage in glory hole activity. You proceed to stick your finger through the hole and wiggle it around. It takes a couple minutes before the man in the next stall even notices.

"What the hell?"

This is not going so well. Are you doing this wrong?

You think maybe you are suppose to move your finger back and forth, like we do when we are in high school, symbolizing sex, so you try it.

"Who is in there!"

Hmm, again, this does not seem to be working. Suddenly his eye appeared at the hole.

"What are you doing, get the fuck out of there!"

He stands up, trying to see you over the wall of the other stall. Since you are crouched near the hole, he is not able to see you. Your throat clamps shut, and you can't speak.

You take your panties out of your purse and hold them up. You guess he knows it is a girl, judging by the panties and your slim arm holding them up, but you do not want him to see "you". Knowing that there is a girl in the next stall is one thing, having this person who's dick you are about to play with through a hole in the wall seeing your face is something completely different.

"What are you doing in there?"

His tone has calmed down, but he is really putting you off. It is either leave, which you really don't want to do, since you do not want him to see you, or try to just stay against the wall, hiding, hoping he won't try to climb over the wall, or get on with it. You are not sure you even want to get on with it, but it feels like you cannot turn back now.

You try to make your voice sound gruff, like how the girls trying to pretend to be guys do on TV. You doubt that it fools him, but you also do not want him hearing your voice naturally. You are not even sure that you could do more than squeak, you are so scared by this point.

"You don't know what a glory hole is, idiot? Do you want me to suck your cock or not?"

I could hear him settling back on his heels, then unzip his pants.

His penis appears through the hole.

"Then get on with it bitch"

You move closer to it, and as you get closer, the smell of sour sweat and cheap booze overcomes you. You throw up, right there on the floor. You look back at the penis impatiently waiting for you and think of just running, then and there. There was no way he can catch up with me, you think to yourself, and if he tries anything, I have the handgun in my purse.

Instead, you find a wet wipe and wipe down what you can of his penis.

"What the hell are you doing! You suck with your mouth, dumb whore!"

This really is not going well. Here you are, some drunk, reeking guy expecting you to suck him off while the floor of your stall is covered with your own puke. You heave again, not bringing up anything since your stomach is now empty.

You slowly touch your tongue to the tip of his penis, lightly flicking it. It is too much, I can't do this. Instead, you start giving him a hand job. At first he protests.

"You are suppose to use your mouth, you filthy whore, not your hand."

Eventually, his protests subside until he finally stops protesting at all. You stroke his shaft up and down, pumping vigorously. Not wanting to do anything fancy, just jerk him off and get the hell out of there, you make short work of it. Soon he cums all over your hand, leaving it all sticky. Pulling his rapidly softening penis out of the hole, he staggers out of his stall, out of the bathroom, and soon you are unable to hear him at all.

You hide there, not wanting to touch anything, wanting nothing more than a scalding hot shower to wash away his stink, his cum, his everything.

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