Dirty Me/Time to tease him

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You decide it is fun to tease him a bit.

Standing up, you lead him into the bedroom and give his chest a gentle push to get him to lay down on the bed.

Taking a pair of handcuffs, you lock them around his wrist, then to the post on the bed. Finding a second pair where everything was set up for you, you wrap them around his other wrist, then latch them on the other post.

The leg spreaders and ankle cuffs go onto his legs, and with a spare bit of clothes, you tie them to the base of the bed so he cannot move.

Next, you fish out the ballgag that you wore only a short time earlier.

Once he is secured, you decide to take advantage of him.

"Poor guy," you say. "What should I do with you?"

You look directly into his eyes, and lick your lips slowly.

"I think I have an idea."

You move down, undoing his trousers, pulling them down. Then, you pull down his boxers.

"Seems like you like this."

You give a slight laugh, one that doesn't sound very nice.

You rub your hand up his shirt, pulling it up as you gently stroke his skin.

"Not too bad," you whisper.

You step up on the bed, standing over him, legs spread wise so he can see your parted pussy lips, look inside you.

"Wonder what you would say if that gag wasn't in your mouth."

You squat down, spreading your legs, your pussy opening more as you sit on his chest.

"So, I have to wonder. What would you do if you could move."

You run your fingers through his hair, watching his eyes dart back and forth.

"I wonder if you are hoping you will get a taste."

You move upward, shifting your way along him, so he can feel your pussy on his chest as it drags across him slowly.

"Yes, that feels good."

You keep moving upward, until you are almost to his neck.

"But no, I guess you can't lick me. Too bad."

You lift yourself off him, then put your pussy against the gag.

"So, I wonder, do you like this?"

You lift yourself again, pressing your pussy against his nose, so he can smell you.

Looking back, you see that he is definitely reacting.

"So, you like this?"

You shift further up, until your pussy is right in front of his eyes.

"Can you see me?"

You put two fingers to your lips, spreading yourself in front of his eyes.

"Hmm, such a bad boy."

You move back down, putting your pussy over his nose again.

"I wonder if you can smell my sex."

You move your hand down, rubbing your clit, slowly at first, then faster, faster.

"Ohh yes!"

You use your other hand, putting two fingers inside.

"Ohh, it feels good!"

You work your fingers on your clit and inside your pussy, faster, harder. He can hear the sounds, wet, squishy. He can smell your juices.

"Ohhhh god yes!"

You climax, rolling over next to him.

"That felt wonderful," you whisper.

You lay down next to him. He can feel your breasts pushed against his side, his arm over him, cuddling close. Your legs wrap around his leg, capturing it.

"Well sweety, I would love to talk to you, but I guess we can't right now."

With that, you caress him: chest, face, even patting his stiff penis from time to time. Eventually, you get sleepy.

"Well, good night. See you in the morning."

With that, you fall asleep beside him, naked, as he is left unable to do anything but feel and hear and think.

  • Time to tease him (Links to come later)
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