Dirty Me/Time to go to the food court

From Create Your Own Story

You go to the food court, noticing a table with a few guys, about your own age. A couple of them are cute. I wouldn't mind them getting a peek, you think to yourself.

You notice one of them watching you as you order your food.

Spotting a table just beyond them, you start to walk past.

You feel your toe slip as it comes down, and the next thing you know, you fall flat on your face, right next to their table.

They jump up, at first pausing to look at you, laying on the floor, your dress up above your waist. After they get an eyeful, two of them help you up, while another runs off to get you another drink, and the fourth just stands there, staring at your naked ass.

As they help you up, your dress falls, obscuring your red fur, but doesn't settle completely, showing the gap between your legs. You look around, and no one else seems to be looking in your direction. Relieved, you thank them, taking a few extra seconds before pulling your dress all the way down, covering yourself back up.

They help you over to the table, and you position myself so that, if they look directly at you under the table, they will have a nice peek.

The last boy arrives at the table, handing you a drink. You lean over to get it from him, flashing him a view down the front of your dress. He turns slightly red, but you notice he is almost on the verge of drooling as he watching your breasts rise and fall with every breath.

You lean over more, giving him a kiss on the cheek and thanking him, "You are so sweet."

He stumbles back over to the table with his friends and sits back down.

As you sit there, enjoying your food, you open your legs absently. Browsing the internet and sending the occasional message, you lose track of time, and fail to notice that your legs are opened under the table, flashing your pussy at the boys. They alternate between peeking at you out of the corner of their eye, pointing at you, and sometimes staring directly at you. Or at least at what is under the table. A thrill runs through you, noticing that you are the center of their attention, and you find yourself getting wet thinking about it.

You continue reading and messaging long after your food is done. Finally, you decide it is time to go home, since it is getting dark outside and you have a long way to go.

The boys are still there when you leave.

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