Dirty Me/Tie your dress up so it is around your waist

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to show yourself off more, but realize that it won't do any good just letting your dress flip up by itself, not since it is already dark outside.

You stop on the sidewalk next to the road, gathering up the hem to either side, you pull it up, past your waist. Pulling it tight, leaving a tail on the left side, you tie it in a knot. You look at it, musing that the dress now looks more like a blouse with a very long knot in it.

Walking down the street, you feel very self aware, and aware of how much of yourself the passing cars are seeing. After all, just because it is night doesn't mean there is no one around.

As you walk, more than one car slows down and honks at you. The first couple times, it startles you, causing you to jump. After a while, you get used to it, and even start lingering for a little under the street lights.

While walking, you see others in the distance walking towards you. It might be pushing my luck walking past them like this, you think to yourself.

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