Dirty Me/Sure, one beer can't hurt

From Create Your Own Story

You decide you don't want to offend him. He is cute, and he seems interested in you.

You drink the beer as you and him talk, and he watches as you finish the last of it.

Your vision starts getting a little blurry as you talk to him.

You wake up, not knowing what is going on, or where you are. You find yourself on a bed, and when you try moving your legs, you cry out in pain.

Sitting up slowly, you look down at yourself and realize you are completely naked. You try to remember what you were doing last night.

The last thing you remember is talking to that cute guy, then nothing.

The pain between you legs pulls your attention back to that area.

A gasp of horror escapes you as you see the source of the pain. Your legs are coated with blood and cum. You were apparently drugged, then either repeatedly raped by one person, many times, or by many people. You don't even know what happened.

A sob escapes you as you feel trapped and hopeless in your own skin. You can imagine them on top of you, as you lay there, oblivious to the world. You feel bile creep up the back of your throat as you realize that you don't even know who had sex with you. How many people had sex with you. You lean over the side of the bed and throw up.

You have heard of date rape drugs, but have never experienced them. Not that you haven't blacked out before, or done things that you weren't aware of. But that was different. You choose to get high, get drunk. This just feels sleazy, sickening, and makes you feel violated and unclean.

You know you should call the police, or go to the hospital, but then again, you hate both, and doubt it will even make a difference. You could always go home, like you normally do, and try to just forget it. After all, it's not like they will do anything anyways.

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