Dirty Me/Show him your ID

From Create Your Own Story

The thought of trying to find the strip club doesn't sound that appealing. At least this seems like a somewhat less seedy place.

You pull our your pocketbook and grab your license, holding it up to him while covering your name and address.

"Umm, I need to, umm. Can you, umm." His constant umming gets on your nerves, and figuring next he is going to just need to see it completely, you hand it over to him. At least maybe this will get him to stop umming at you.

He takes it and brings it over to the cash register, where sticky notes adorn the side. He looks at your ID and looks at a sticker showing a date written on it. I guess he is just stupid, you think to yourself. He can't even figure out if someone is old enough by looking.

"Sorry, we just, umm, need to, umm..." He cuts off as you impatiently grab the license from him, putting it back in your pocketbook as you walk away.

Fortunately, you notice that dealing with this idiot appears to have helped calm your nerves. You go past the register and enter a hall stacked with DVDs. You see some of the titles, wondering how people even came up with these names.

Batman in Robin
Legally Boned
Breast Side Story
Gangbangs of New York
On Golden Blonde

God, how do people think of these names, and why would they use stupid names like this, you contemplate, thinking that some people have no creativity.

You look at the back of one and are greeted with many pictures of a blond, legs spread. Other pictures of her being penetrated by a huge penis. Still others with her happily sucking away. Or is it a grimace? It is hard to tell. Picture after picture of her having sex with one guy, two guys, different guys. It disgusts you, yet turns you on. After all, aren't you here to enjoy a little...taboo fun?

You reach the end and find another room. You notice where the owner of the other car is. A man in work jeans and an ugly striped shirt has his eyes glues to a little viewscreen, watching what is playing in it. As he watches, you can see him rubbing the outside of his pants, his penis straining against them, causing them to bulge. Sadly, you don't see any place here in which to hide, or do anything. It is an open room with multiple viewscreens on three walls. It looks like there could be as many as fifteen people here at one time, but some might be a little close to others if all were in use.

You wonder what are on these.

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