Dirty Me/Remember when you first felt your tingle

From Create Your Own Story

Your clothes came off, laid in a nice bundle on the back steps.

It was still daylight, with all the normal traffic this entailed, and you went out, in nothing but your shoes.

Out to the alley, you peeked around the corner of the car garage. No one was around.

You hid there for a short while, worried about getting caught, yet thrilled about the idea of being seen, wearing nothing but your shoes, by others.

Moving to the mouth of the alley, you again saw no one was there. Turn right, along the sidewalk, tingly all over from your foray out into the world clad in nothing but shoes. The breeze caressed you, flowing along your exposed nipples, between your legs, around your exposed pussy.

Down to the corner, behind a bush, for in front of you was a major street, with cars zipping by. Green cars, silver cars, black and red cars, with nothing separating their view of your naked flesh except a small, scraggly bush. you darted out as the last car drove by, only to see a car driving the opposite way, right past you, now out in the open.

Panic shot through you, wondering if they saw you, if they would turn around and call the police.

You darted back to the alley, down the alley, hiding behind the carport.

After catching your breath, and wondering if you should just go get dressed and hide inside, you decided to venture out again.

You moved to the other end of the alley, and peeked around. No one.

Moving out, you went back to the main road. This time you stood there, panicking inside, but refusing to run.

A few cars passed, in either direction, and someone walked by on the opposite side of the street before you turned around and ran back to the house, to pick up your deposited clothes, rush inside, and hide for the rest of the day.

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