Dirty Me/Remember one of your bicycle rides

From Create Your Own Story

You think about the first bike ride you had ever taken.

You poked your head out the door, watching the darkness for signs of other people. The streetlights glowed eerily in the night, watchful over not another soul.
The road brightened for an instant, a car returning home after a very late night. Or a very early morning. Your heart pounded in your ears, feeling like it might burst out of your chest. It thrilled you with the danger and risk, of a late night bicycle ride.
The car passed, showing no signs of slowing down, until the tail lights dwindled away to nothing. You took one hesitant step out, bare leg exposed to the cold night air.
Standing there, waiting for someone to come by, afraid you would be stopped the instant you tried to go out, you waited, watching, eyes probing the darkness and its pools of light.
When no one else passed by, you opened the door, standing in the front door entrance.
You stood there, in sneakers, perfect to run, or jump, or play. This time these sneakers would be used to pedal around. Moving up from your sneakers were long, bare legs, goose bumps already forming from the cold night air caressing the bare, shaved skin. Further up, a hand held firmly in front of your pubic hair, covering up your naughty part. Realizing how silly this was, you dropped it, showing off your full, red, never shaved fur. At later times, it would be shaved, but not this time, not your first late night bicycle ride.
Your stomach, small, tight, marred only by a belly button turned inward, a stomach that was moving rapidly with short, quick breaths. Excitement and fear warred within you, leaving you half panicked, yet thrilled.
Further up was the other arm, placed horizontal across your breasts, covering them as best as the arm could. Just like with the hand lower down, the arm dropped as you shook your head over how silly you were being. There was no one around. No one could see you. Besides, what is the use of taking a naked bicycle ride while trying to cover up your naked parts?
Nipples poking out, caressed by the cold night air, hard, expectant, moved up and down slightly as you made your way to your bicycle.
Your throat felt tight, partially from the almost panic you felt, as you swallowed again and again, trying to stop yourself from running back into the house, give up this silly ride. This wasn't the first time you had ridden my bicycle late at night, but this was the first time you had ever done it clothed in nothing more than socks and shoes.
Your face slipped between worry and delight, your eyes glowing in the night. But your smile, it never slipped. It was so exciting. It was so bold. It was so daring. It was so dangerous. If anyone had seen you, they would have known who you were, your body and face shown to the world.
You bent down, facing away from the road, worried that if another car came by, and you noticed in time, you would dart straight for the house. Busying yourself on the lock, you tried to completely ignore the world around you, the blood pounding in your ears.
You turned the numbers one by one, trying to line up the combination in the poor light. The numbers finally lined up, slipping the lock free. Letting it drop to the ground, you rolled the bicycle out to the street, a soft click, click, click, following you. As you reached the street, you looked both ways, ready to let go of it and run into the house, but no one was around at this time.
You felt a thrill run through you as you lifted you leg, your pussy opening up to the cool night air, before putting it back down and straddling the cold metal frame.
You stood there, frozen, hundreds of thoughts tumbling through your brain. Finally squashing your fear and doubt, you put one foot on a pedal, lifted your ass, and pushed down.
The cool air brushed you, welcoming you to the night. You settled your ass on the seat and started pedaling, your destination unknown. As your cheeks settled on the seat, the cold of the seat hit your hot skin, you could feel the soft padding beneath you, the firm material beneath that, supporting your cheeks. As you leaned down, the seat pressed against your pussy lips, the up and down motion of your legs pushing the petals down causing the seat to rub the lips, stimulating you, sending small ripples of pleasure through you with each pedal stroke.
You gathered speed, riding around the block, unsure about leaving the comfort of your home, a place to quickly escape to. Breasts bouncing, legs pumping, you rode around the block: once, twice, three times. A stray dog or two was out, the occasional living room light still on, but not another soul was around, leaving you free to ride your bicycle naked, without fear, without worry.
As the intoxication wore off, and the sense of worry disappeared, it became less thrilling, and more comfortable; just a nice, invigorating bicycle ride with the air washing over you, cooling your body as you heated up. Sweat formed, lightly coating your forehead, your thighs, your back, and your pussy continued to be teased by the soft, yet firm seat beneath your naked bottom.
Relaxing, and feeling more confident, you ventured further, heading out to the big, wide streets. The relative quiet, empty space of the neighborhoods was replaced by the relative quiet of empty streets and closed businesses. There were a few car headlights here and there, but far away from you, turning before they came too close.
You pedaled along, now feeling absolutely comfortable, like it was nothing. Then, the first car passed you. Going the opposite way, the car was soon past. You stopped, breathing heavily, watching its tail lights dwindle behind, waiting for those lights to stop, to turn around, to come back and find you. Adrenaline coursed through you, your body ready for flight. The tail lights dwindled away into nothing. You stood there, straddling your bicycle, but no one came back to find you. No one came to yell at you. No police showed up to arrest you. You were free.
You started off again, standing to gather your speed. Soon you were underway, riding around with no destination.

You come back from your remembrances, realizing the night is not scary, and that you could have lots of fun on the walk home.

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