Dirty Me/Put on your new...dress...and go back into the back room

From Create Your Own Story

A thought comes over you. You have this new dress. You are in an adult store in the first place. This is probably one of the few public places where you could wear it without having to worry about someone calling the police for indecent exposure.

"Can I borrow your changing room to put this on? Please just nod yes or no." You tell him, not wanting to listen to his umms.

He nods, pointing again at the changing room as if you don't know where it is.

"Thanks," you tell him, mumbling under your breath so he can't hear you, "I think I know where a room is that I was in just a couple minutes ago."

You sigh, realizing you are not being very nice. Perhaps he does have a real mental condition.

You slip in, taking off your shirt and pants again. You catch yourself, looking in the mirror, wondering how far you wish to push it. You could just keep your bra and panties on, which would be the sensible thing to do, but then again, since when have you been sensible? You could take off the bra and panties and go out in just your shoes and the dress.

Another shiver crawls up your spine just thinking about wearing this dress either way.

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