Dirty Me/Lets see what is happening with my Facebook friends

From Create Your Own Story

You log onto Facebook and see what everyone has been up to since you have been gone.

You see a couple messages, and read through them.

I miss you. When you come back, let me know. I know where this great party is going to be. Check your events. I will send you the address.

You notice an event invitation and click on it.

Yes, you know where that address is, and it looks like it is tonight.

You click on the other message, looking at it. Oh god. It is from him again.

it was nice wen I wsucked ur pussy ..n had all the juices............ah taste is awsum......................love to scuk n fck u more ..babes blow me..lets go to one corner of ur class.il up ur skirt n u may sit on my cock...n grind me...plsssssssssssssss

He is from your old school, and one of the many guys you slept with. One reason you have avoided any sexual relationship with any of the other guys in your high school since you moved here. At least now you don't have a slutty reputation. Anyways, high school guys are soooo...idiotic. Real men are much better. Besides, he is an ugly ass idiot. You only had sex with him because you felt bad for him. After all, he was probably the only person at school who was picked on and teased more than you. At least the guys left you alone more, but then again, they only wanted one thing.

You toy with the idea of getting him all hot and bothered, since he doesn't even know where you are anymore, and it's not like it will hurt your relationship with your old friend list.

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