Dirty Me/Lets see what is good on YouTube

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You decide to hop around YouTube, checking out what people have uploaded.

Looking through the recommended for you videos, you see a few interesting ones. Some are cat videos, others are prank videos. A few stupid videos that you are not sure how they ended up on your recommendations.

You decide to listen to Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl". You have kissed more than one girl, and liked it. She is right, us girls, we are so magical. Soft skin, red lips, so kissable. Once the song finishes, you click around on some of the other ones.

Eventually, you find yourself listening to Marilyn Manson, Sweet Dreams. You find the music overwhelming, and start swaying in time with the music. Soon, you lose yourself in the song, running your hands up and down across yourself. As the music picks up and the drums kick in, you push your hands under your shirt, shaking your hips as you lift your shirt up. Slowly, the shirt moves higher, and higher, until it is up, over your head, thrown on the floor.

The music empowers you, and you feel your hands pushing the bottom of your bra, forcefully shoving upward, mashing your breasts together. You push harder, forcing the bra over the swell of your breasts, hearing the fabric rip in protest, not caring. You pull it off, a slight rip in the side, next to the cup, one of the metal hooks slightly bent.

You squeeze your breasts, tugging on the nipples, slight pain creeping in, but not caring.

You grab the waist of your shorts, forcing them down, until they fall, gathered around your feet. You grab the waist of your panties, pulling them against you, the fabric digging in between your legs. You feel them against your pussy, stretching, straining, almost cutting into you. You pull them outward, hearing the satisfying rip of cloth as the sides give way. The leg holes stretching, biting into your skin. You move faster, eyes closed, head thrown back. The fabric breaks finally, and your panties tear free of you. You reach down, soothing your burning pussy lips, playing with them.

You push your fingers inside, roughly, wanting to feel the pain emanating from the song.

Some of them want to use you.
Some of them want to be used by you.
Some of them want to abuse you.
Some of them want to be abused.

A cry comes to your lips as you grope you pussy, slapping it, abusing it. Your breasts become tender, the nipples swelling as you tug on them, pinch them, punish them. Your body throbs, howling out in pain and pleasure. You climax as the song ends, falling on your knees, then laying down on the floor as you let yourself recover.

  • Lets see what is good on YouTube (further links to come)
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