Dirty Me/I want him

From Create Your Own Story

You hold the pink chemise in your hand, turning around and looking out the cracked door. The store associates eyes are still watching you, but he again turns away once he sees you looking at him.

After a day of showing yourself off, you can feel the wetness between your legs, the desire to enjoy another's embrace. To feel them penetrating you.

You open the door again, naked in the changing room.

"Here, you can take this back," you say, almost breathlessly, suddenly a little shy.

As he comes over to get it from you, trying to stay back and avert his gaze, you wait impatiently. Once he gets to you, you grab his hand. He stands there, statue like, not moving a muscle.

"Don't you like what you see?" you whisper to him.

He can't seem to get any words out.

"Do you want to touch me?" When he doesn't move, you add, "I want you to touch me."

Finally, he finds his voice. "It wouldn't... here... we..."

You almost burst out laughing, watching him squirm, knowing he likes what he is seeing, but at the same time being polite and trying to avoid doing anything he shouldn't.

You push the door open completely, looking around the store. It seems it is dead in here right now, because there is not another soul in sight.

"Just tell me the truth. Do you want me? Yes or no," you again ask him.

He looks at you finally, looking right into your eyes. You can see the pure, raw lust sparkling there.

"Of course," he says, his voice getting a little stronger, not quite as breathless. "Who wouldn't want you? You are gorgeous."

With that, you pull him towards you, and he no longer resists.

After pulling him into the changing room and closing the door, making sure it is really locked this time, you strip him quickly, kneeling in front of him, taking him in your mouth, licking him up and down before sucking hard, harder, licking, sucking, tasting, savoring, until he cums in your hot mouth.

You turn around after he is hard again, spreading your legs, bending over, hands against the wall. You feel him enter you, pushing into you, his penis penetrating your wet pussy. You feel him thrusting, slowly, faster, faster, harder, more. Moans escape you, probably heard by others, but you do not care as he speeds up more, pounding you until he cums, deep inside your pussy.

He pulls up his pants, buttons them, arranges his shirt, and leaves the stall.

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