Dirty Me/Go back in and enjoy the video, and the attention

From Create Your Own Story

Waiting for a few minutes longer, you decide either the guy went in the back room, or else he is having trouble deciding what to buy. Either way, it is time for you to go back into the store.

As you walk in, the cashier looks at you, his eyes going from vacant to bulging.

"Umm, miss. Umm, umm, I, umm..." You cut him off, not wanting to wait for him forever.

"Yes, I love the dress. Thank you for letting me use the changing room to change into it. I'm going to go in the back now." You say in a rush, making sure he can't get a word in. You decide, on a whim, to give him a kiss on the cheek. His eyes bulge more, almost cartoonish by this point, as you walk by him and make your way to the back, feeling his eyes on you the whole time.

You walk into the backroom, finding three men now watching shows. The new arrival doesn't seem to be a big shy. His pants are undone and his penis is sitting in his hand as he strokes slowly, eyes glued to the screen.

Looking around, notice that all three walls now have someone watching a show. No matter where you go, you will still be only one viewscreen away from one of the men in the room. The question is, should you go close to the original guy, still rubbing his bulge in his jeans, or near the guy who got on a screen right next to you earlier? Then again, there is the new guy also, with his penis already in his hands.

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