Dirty Me/Continue watching the man

From Create Your Own Story

Morbidly fascinated and curious, like watching a train wreck, you continue watching him.

Your eyes drink the sight of his hand, moving inside his jeans, working slowly up and down the shaft of his penis.

You take an unconscious step forward, closer to him, then another, as he strokes himself, oblivious to the outside world, or to this 18 year old redhead watching him pleasure himself.

His hand speeds up and slows down within his jeans, and his pants pull lower in the front under the force of his movements.

Eventually, you stop, about arms length, as you watch him continue. Hypnotized by his movements. By the dirtiness of the situation. Almost trance-like with your eyes glued to his bulge.

His pants pull down enough in the front, being being pulled back up, by the friction of his hand rubbing against the material, his boxer's elastic band on display, the Hanes logo easily readable.

Each time his jeans dips down further in the front until, like a little peach mushroom, the head of his penis pokes out the top, shortly, before the jeans are pulled up again enough to hide them.

You lick your lips, imagining the taste of it, the feel of it. Unnoticed by you, as your eyes remained glued to his writhing jeans, he spots you out of the corner of his eye, pausing for just an instant before he notes where you are watching, and the fact that you seem fascinated, rather than repulsed.

His hand moves faster, as his face contorts slightly, signaling his release is close to fruition.

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