Dirty Me/Continue trying to ignore it

From Create Your Own Story

You try to ignore the poking.

The shadow turns you around, and you can feel its eyes on your naked flesh. It bends you over, and you can feel its eyes explore your ass, watching your moist pussy, glimpsed between your legs.

Somehow, it pokes your front shoulder. So strange, you think to yourself. How can he poke me when he is behind me?

"What is up with you?" you yell out.

Startling yourself, you wake up, your dad standing over you, poking you awake.

He smiles down at you, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. "What's up with me?"

He pauses, putting on an expression like he is deep in thought. You are still groggy enough you almost miss the mockery in his expression. Almost.

"It's time to go. Your mom is waiting in the car for us."

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