Dirty Me/Continue the kiss

From Create Your Own Story

You try to continue the kiss, trying to gently insert your tongue into his mouth.

You realize you made a mistake when he pushes you back, gently, but away from him.

"What are you doing!" he yells. "It is not appropriate for a student to try kissing me, or any other adult in school."

"But, but..." you stutter, crushed by his sudden rejection.

"I don't know what you are thinking, but whatever it is is wrong. Sorry, I understand that things that happened to you in the past have hurt you, and is probably part of the cause for you acting inappropriately, but I will need to tell your parents not only about you slapping another student, but then trying to kiss me." He glares at you, no longer sounding sweet and comforting, but sounding too much like a principal.

Your face collapses, and tears spring unbidden. "But, I thought you liked me," you sob. "I love you."

"I care for you as a student, one that needs to be nurtured. I do not care for you in the way you think," he tells you, his voice compassionate, but with a slight edge to it. "Sorry, but until this is resolved, I cannot have you in my school."

The words cause a chill to run through you.

"No, please, you can't suspend me. You can't tell my parents what happened." You throw yourself in front of him, pleading with him, clinging to his hand, pressing it against you. "Please don't."

"Remove... yourself... from... my... office." He says each word slowly, carefully, deliberately. "If you do not go out and wait for me, I will have to call the school resource officer."

With that, you know it is no good. The school resource officer would just handcuff you and drag you out. You don't want to go through this school, handcuffed, like you did your last school. You leave his office, trying to wipe away the tears, rubbing your eyes.

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