Dirty Me/Continue moving away

From Create Your Own Story

The shadow disappears, and the environment lights up more.

Lights up more.

Lights up more.

Soon, the blinding light overwhelms you.

As you put your hand up to protect your eyes, you notice the light getting dimmer again, with dark spots appearing here and there.

The dark spots slowly resolve, coming more into focus, as the light becomes normal.

The spots start taking on shapes, and you notice hair. Faces. Glasses.

Finally, you can see where you are. Standing in your class. Your friends, your teacher, all looking at you, staring at you, standing before them, wearing stockings, and shoes, and nothing else.

You feel your skin heat up, as a blush creeps over you, embarrassment overwhelming you.

Your face feels like it is on fire. Your chest heaves in panic. Your mind numb, wondering how you got here. How you will get away.

You stand like a deer, trapped, everyone's eyes on you. Seeing all of you.

You see them looking at you. Pointing at you. Laughing at you.

You scream!

Sitting upright, you feel your head hit someone else's.

Stars flash before your eyes, and you try to focus.

You hear a voice groan, and then hear your dad say something.

"OUCH! That hurt."

The room returns to your vision. Your living room. Where you are safe. Secure. Most definitely not naked.

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