Dirty Me/Change into the scuba dress at your car

From Create Your Own Story

Not wanting to bother trying to listen to the cashier protest, which you are sure he will do, you decide to just go to your car and change. After all, there is a wall around the parking area, so it cannot be seen from the street.

"I'll be back," you say to the cashier as you leave the shop. He gives a look that is devoid of thought in return.

You unlock your car and open the door. Taking off your shirt, you throw it on the passenger seat. The pants are more difficult to get off with your shoes on, but they are baggy enough that it can be done. Once they are off, you throw those in the passenger seat too. As you undo your bra and pull it off, headlights turn into the parking lot, briefly hitting you.

You stop, staring at the car, but in the dark, you can't make out much, only the shape of a person sitting in the drivers seat. Your head follows the car, and you are pretty sure he is watching you.

With that in mind, you realize you need to finish putting on the dress. Throwing the bra on the passenger seat with the rest of your clothes, you pause, wondering if you should also take off your panties. Then again, the person in the car hasn't gotten out, and you are sure he is looking at you.

Should I keep the panties on, or remove them? you wonder to yourself.

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