Dirty Me/Back to civilization, and parties

From Create Your Own Story

After two boring weeks of camping, and avoiding looking at your parents as much as possible so you don't die of embarrassment, you finally arrive back at home.

"Help bring in the stuff," they chide you as you try to slip away. At least they weren't saying anything about the toilet.

You long for bed, but grudgingly, and with no small amount of complaining, help bring in everything.

Finally, once everything is unpacked, you slip up to your room and change out of your stinky, dirty clothes.

Grabbing a soft, fuzzy towel, you slip into the second bathroom and wash all the ick off you.

As you close your eyes, you think about Bob. You picture in your mind kneeling down, taking a stranger into your mouth, and pleasuring him.

Your hands start working furiously on yourself, probing and prodding, as you roll your tongue in your mouth, imagining something else in there with you.

Reaching over to the shelf, you grab your toothbrush, sucking on the end. You grab the shower head and bring it down between your legs. You flip it to pulse, and rub it against your pussy, feeling the water caress you and tantalize you.

Settling down on the shower floor, you open your legs, spraying your pussy, the pulsing driving you wild, while you work the toothbrush handle in your mouth.

You get closer to climaxing, moving the head right up against you, some of the jets hitting your clit, tantalizing it, pulses teasing it, pleasuring it. You take the toothbrush out, putting your finger in while you keep working the shower, wondering what it is like, enjoying the feel of warm fingers in your mouth, sucking, and licking and tasting.

Reaching down, you put your fingers inside of you, getting them nice and wet, then put them back in your mouth.

You taste the tangy, musky essence on your fingers, the taste of yourself, arousing you more as you again close your eyes and imagine while using the shower head.

Soon, you have to clamp your lips around your finger to keep yourself from moaning as you hit the edge of climax. Finally, it hits you, and you lay down on the floor, shivering as your body tingles all over.

Once you recover, you finish your shower and head for bed, anxious to meet your lover tomorrow.

You wake up late, like normal, and wallow lazily in bed. Finally, you crawl out of bed and follow the normal routine.

Your phone, already plugged in, has a couple messages, one from your lover. He isn't really someone you love, just an older man, sort of pervy, but sweet. Technically, he is a criminal, since you two became lovers before you were of age, but it's not like he is going to tell anyone. He does treat you well, and he is very attentive.

You listen to his message, sweet endearments, messages of missing you and what he will do once you come over. Given the encounter, you are seriously thinking about going over too.

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