Dead Kid

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You are Dead Kid.

You are just an ordinary kid with an ordinary life until you are run over by a car. You're crossing the street when you hear the squeal of tires and see a car swerving to deliberately hit you. You freeze and in that moment the driver's malicious face becomes etched into your mind. Then the car hits you.

You are rushed by ambulance to the hospital, but it's too late. You die of heart failure. Despite being dead, you feel that you are awake and breathing. You try to speak to your grieving family, but they do not seem to hear you.

Then a man enters your hospital room. It's the evil man who ran you over! You rush at him, but your fists go through him. He laughs and transforms into an enormous black dragon, then disappears.

"Wait," a voice says. "Do not chase that one just yet. You are in a between state, and must become something else before you do anything. You have many choices. What would you like to become?"

Do you:

Health Dead Form:


MP 0
Level 1
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