Chapter two: Photo shoot

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NOTE: The contents in this story will contain (depending on your choices): Oral sex, masturbation, stripping.

Today is the big day! The email from the modeling studio informing Serenity that she was perfect for an exciting new role made her ecstatic.

Dear Serenity...

We're very pleased to inform you that your application for the modeling world was successful! Being excited as you are; we're hoping to get in contact with you as soon as possible. Please call our receptionist and book in a time and date to begin your new career

P.S: Please, do wear smart casual on the day.

Steaven Hopps

No time was wasted. Serenity instantly rang the studio to book in a appointment for the following day making sure she understood everything for that day to come. Serenity sat on her bed thinking on what to do next. What would dad think of this? He knew that Serenity was eye candy to many men on the outside, would modeling make anything better. Serenity was strict that she was only modeling in clothes; this very studio that she was signing up with had nude modeling reputation. Serenity was assured that she'd be only in the latest trends of clothing, it should be fine.

It was time that Serenity organised her apparel for the next day. What were she to wear?

Serenity: white summers skirt with matching white blouse

Serenity: black suit pants with matching black jacket

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