Chapter three: A walk in the park

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Boredom consumed Serenity's mind. She had absolutely nothing to do. Serenity came up with many ideas of ways to occupy her time and attention, but little thoughts were less interesting than others.

"The park?" Serenity whispered to herself. Getting in touch with nature was an idea, but it's been so long since she went anywhere related to that. Using her phone; Serenity searched for nearby parks and noticed that one had an event currently going on: Carnival day, complete with rides, cotton candy and different types of reptiles on display. This grasped Serenity's attention indeed, she was very intrigued to go and check out the sights.

It was a fairly warm day with temperatures hitting at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Serenity had to were something appropriate. Searching her closet, Serenity straps on her pink bra along with her matching pink panties.

Cute Serenity thought to herself as she starred at her half naked body in the mirror. Picking out a light blue summers dress, Serenity simply slithered into from the head covering all the way down to her knees. A perfect fit for a perfect day. Bringing her handbag that loosely hung from her shoulder, Serenity stored her purse and phone just in case she had to buy something or call someone.

Exiting her empty house, Serenity took the bus and followed the directions to the park. This was going to be a fun day.

Serenity: to the park

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