Chapter six: Serenity's grand adventure!

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NOTE: The contents in this story will contain (depending on your choices): Oral sex, masturbation, forced sex, intercourse, desperation, M/F, M/M/F, F/F, F/F/M

Dragons, orcs, sorcerer's and deep, dark dungeons where magical tomes rest waiting to be looted by an adventurer who seeks riches. Where shimmering gold pieces make men rich and build kingdoms that other kings dare try to conquer.

This story is about a great and endless world that one young girl finds herself stranded in. A world that holds both fame and wealth to those who seek it, or an agonizing and painful death the many have met with before. Serenity's mind is scrambled trying to understand how and why she is in this reality and how she can make the most of such a situation.

There is however a strange energy that boils within the girls blood that not only grants her power that can expand into something miraculous, but an energy that grants her knowledge of the world that she finds herself in. As if she has lived in this place her whole life...

Serenity will be tested and trialed in her travels, it's up to YOU however to guide her hand to emerge her victorious.

Serenity: begin her adventure

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