Chapter one: Work

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NOTE: The contents in this story will contain (depending on your choices): Oral sex, masturbation, forced sex, intercourse, desperation, golden showers, M/F, M/M/F, F/F, F/F/M

Serenity applied for many jobs online since school finished. As she spent hours on the web to find a good paying job, Serenity applies to many different opportunities from working at the local supermarket to hard labor. Anything that Serenity could get her hands on, she would take it.

Her email slowly fills with responses or opportunities for work. Some were rejections by lacking the skills required and some were perverted employers asking for a nude since some jobs required for a facial picture on the resume. Those men guaranteed her a job if she did so, that however would have escalated in unwanted attention at work if she even got the job. She was never that desperate for work however and would never go that low.

Serenity needed more specific skills if she wanted a real job. A few companies asked if she wanted to take a few classes to build specific skills up for a job in their care. It was labor mostly, working with men turned her off with most jobs but a few had friendly female callers that stated that they will take care of her if these scenarios ever occur with full consequences, ranging from being touched inappropriately or just harassment. Serenity had a smile on her face with one class; how to safely removing debris, metals and other hazardous objects from the workplace. The classes will go on for 4 hours a day for just a week. She would then receive a permit and a decent paying job. She instantly clicked apply and was booked in for next week.

Continue: One week

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