Chapter four: Maid service

From Create Your Own Story

Like the terrible money saver she is, Serenity sits at her computer and searches for jobs on the web. Little sparks her interests when it comes to work. Being picky, Serenity sits and stares at the screen for hours trying to find a job that pays well and demands minor labor.

Darkness surrounds the room as night falls with only the monitor lighting up Serenity's gorgeous face as she persistently strives to find work. Taking a break by have a snack and saying goodnight to her father, Serenity sits back down and resumes her search. It isn't long however until Serenity gives up her hunt for a job and thinks of another way to find employment.

Clicking onto a website where employers find people to work for them, Serenity sets up a brief profile describing herself and hopes that it'll be enough for someone to be interested.

NAME: Serenity

AGE: 22


FILE UPLOAD: SerenityResume.txt

INTERESTED IN: Well paying jobs

Satisfied as she is, Serenity switches off for the night and goes to sleep with a burdening thought; hoping that someone will contact her soon.

Serenity: the following morning

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