Chapter five: Online fun

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NOTE: The contents in this story will contain (depending on your choices) masturbation... That's about it...

Having a relaxing night to herself, Serenity sits at her desk in her room, surfing the world wide web whilst sipping on some tonic water. Nearing midnight, Serenity could feel the cool air ventilating her room from the result of a hot day. To avoid overheating, Serenity only wore pink panties that showed off her legs and a white singlet that was transparent enough to see her matching pink bra underneath. Enjoying her time watching funny cat videos on MeTube, Serenity then spots an unusual light that flickers white on her webcam, indicating that it is now active. Taking a few seconds to understand what this means; she than lowers her glass of bubbly water and analyses the camera. Serenity herself has never use it before, it came with the monitor and decided to hook it up earlier on when she first bought it so it wouldn't go to waste in the box. What was going on?

Why was her inactive camera now on for no apparent reason?

Serenity: investigate

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