Chaotic Powers

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Here are some of your powers. When you're done looking, hit the back button in your browser to return to the story.

Possession- your primary power. You can enter into the body and overpower the soul inside, controlling the body. When you leave the body the host will remember the actions unless you choose to wipe them as you leave. If you keep them then the host will remember their actions as their own choices, which could, in turn, change the way they think. For example, if you were to possess a movie star and have her fuck some dude then not only will she remember choosing and wanting to do that, she will feel feeling towards that guy. Beware, sometimes a strong will can force you out or remember their actions as your doing.

Mind-read- this ability allows you to look inside a person and see their basic feelings and beliefs. It's more efficient if you possess the person you're reading.

Phys-read- this ability allows your to access any persons body accurately, as well as being to determine pregnancy.

Enhancement- this ability gives your host body more power. In addition to increased stamina, strength, and speed, your host body can also grow in some areas and any ability of the host body is enhanced.

Chaoticize- this ability takes a normal person's interest or skill and make it a little, or a lot, more chaotic. For example, a practicing hypnotist or even someone interested in it will be able to hypnotize anyone to do anything.

Fertility- in order to assure chaos you can control your fertility. While a male you can choose the fertility of your sperm, usually set at 100%, and as a female the fertility of your ovum, also frequently 100%.

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