Callie lets you fuck her ass

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Callie finally, reluctantly, nods her head. "Whatever it takes so you don't tell mom and dad." She looks nervous. "And I keep my purity."

"You will, Callie," you assure her. At least for now. "Now get down on your hands on knees."

Callie tentatively gets down on all fours on the carpet. You kneel behind her. You droop some spit onto your cock, because you know she's going to be tight. Then you move the tip of your cock to her asshole."

"It's going to hurt, isn't it?" She says anxiously as she feels your cock there.

"At first," you respond. "But it will get better." You start pressing your cock into her tiny asshole.

"Ow," she calls out. "It's not going to fit!"

"Yes, it will," you tell her, and to prove it, you push harder, popping the head of your cock into her.

"Oh!" She exclaims loudly. "Stop that, it hurts!"

You grab onto her more securely as she struggles, and get your cock all the way into her virgin ass.

"Take it out!" She begins to cry a little. "It hurts too much!"

You start fucking her ass. "Keep quiet, or mom and dad will hear. Do you want that?"

"No..." she replies, crying. "No," she repeats again, softer.

You keep fucking her ass, feeling it becoming easier.

"Not so fast, please," she begs. "Slower."

You oblige her, going nice and slow.

"You should have told me this would hurt so much," she says petulantly.

"Then you wouldn't have let me do this," you tell her.

"Of course not!" She replies indignantly.

"Do you want to me stop?"

Her reply comes quickly. "No, because then you'll tell on me."

She's right, but you start to think that maybe she's starting to like it. You start pounding her ass tighter, and she doesn't tell you to slow down anymore.

Finally, you blast a load into your sister's bowels. You feel her quiver against you. "Oh..." she moans as she orgasms. "I think this must be a sin... Oh..."

What do you do next?

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