Call a friend to see whats up

From Create Your Own Story

You go though your things until you find your cell phone, and are relieved to see that you are still getting service.



You scroll down to contacts and select Jim. Jim is your most trustworthy friend; he is definitely someone you would call if something went wrong. You click CALL when you get to Jim's name.

It rings... as its continues to ring you think "Jim will know what's up. He's gotta."

It keeps ringing...

"HEY, you have reached Jim, but I'm not here right now. Just leave your name and number and I'll get back to you."

You leave a quick voicemail and ask that he call you back ASAP. You hang up.

You continue to try and call a few other people in your phone book: Bill, Anna, Dylan, your mom... none of them answer... You can only prepare for the worst

Do you:

World's End Status
Health 100 Equipment:


Location Apartment
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