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Please keep track of your stats. Here they are:

  • Life - 6/6
  • Energy - 6/6
  • Attack - 1


  • 0/100


  • Lives - 3 Life capsules - 0/4


  • Health -
  • Attack -

For your lives, you can draw a stick figure, then x3. For your Life Capsules, draw a pill with one side having a +, the 0/4.


When you level up, you can choose one of three choices: to upgrade your Life, Energy or Attack. Life and Energy increase by two, and can have a maximum of 20 each (with all four Life Capsules. You can get 12 Life total without them). As for Attack, you gain 1 until you reach 5. From there, you can get the Iron Bracers (+1) and then Caliburn (+1) to reach 7 Attack.

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