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Flying to the Bradley's house you examine it's members, physically and mentally, the latter made possible by Chaotic Powers. This family seems to be the best bet for incest. You sense feelings about other family members buried under their subconsciousness, most likely unknown by most of the members, bu willing and waiting to be tempted, unlocked. You survey each member individually.

Brandon, son, 15 years old. He's beginning to have strange feelings about girls, and not knowing where to direct them to, he's tentatively taken a step towards him mom and sisters. He's a handsome and strong young man, a good host.

David, dad, 32 years old. A business man, he's away most of the time. He's a relatively clean man, but his wife's sister lingers in his dreams occasionally.

Jessica, mom, 29 years old. She's very young and pretty. Her perky F tits and plump ass draws many eyes, and always has, which is how, in her high school freshman year, a junior, David, wasted no time getting her pregnant at a party. She's a stay at home mom.

Veronica, middle daughter, 18 years old. Looking much like her mom, she's also a knockout gorgeous girl, D tits and small, firm ass. She has fleeting thoughts about her dad, and as of late, her little brother.

Emily, youngest daughter, 15 years old. She's Brandon's twin sister, about one minute younger. She already has C cup tits and small, plump ass. She is also getting some strange desires, in which her brother appears often.

Rachel, aunt, 23 years old. Jessica's younger sister who recently had to move in due to her husband dying and she couldn't pay mortgage. No one minds the addition. Rachel has DD tits and a big ass. She works as an undercover policewoman, doing what, you're unsure of. She has some feelings for her sister's husband, as well as her teen son.

You possess...







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