Becky's room again! Sorry

From Create Your Own Story

"So you'll be with Becky again, is that okay?" she says.

"I guess... why can't I have my room?"

"Oh I wanted to give some privacy to Alex and his new girlfriend, plus I thought that'd it be weird to make Aileen stay with any of us."

"Yeah I guess that makes sense, but I really don't want people banging on my bed."

"Well, they kinda need their own room, so tough luck. People are gonna be coming in pretty soon, I suggest you get your stuff before those kids start fornicating all over it."

"Okay, I'm over it already," the truth is that you don't really mind Alex and Aileen staying in your room, you'd just rather not stay with Becky again, she's so just so boring. You do remember from last year that Becky likes to sleep in very skimpy underwear, which you figure will be entertaining enough.

Go move your stuff into Becky's room

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